Gocycle Docking Station - Travel Case

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The Gocycle E-Bike compact and safely stowed!
Docking station and transport bag in one

Docking Station for Gocycle

Für alle Gocycle GS und G3 Modelle


Docking Station for secure holding of chassis and wheels.
Insertable casters for easy movement on flat floors
Sturdy, padded overhead bag protects against bumps and dirt.
Integrated, well-padded carrying handle
The Gocycle Docking Station is an accessory to the Gocycle GS and G3 series e-bikes.


The foldable Gocycle G3 and GS e-bike can be transported optimally and safely with the original Gocycle Docking Station.


All components of the e-bike, such as the chassis and the two wheels, find space on the base plate with its precisely fitting recesses and holders.

Essential components such as the front fork with motor and brake can be fixed on the base plate.


The throw-over bag is attached to the base plate with a strong zipper.
So your Gocycle is well protected against shocks, dust and dirt.


The generous carrying handle makes it easy to transport the entire bundle. On flat surfaces, you can also simply push the entire bag like a rolling suitcase without lifting it, if the 4 wheels were plugged...

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