Gocycle G4i+

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The ultra-compact e-bike!
Unique e-bike with unmatched quick-folding mechanism.
New 2022 model with improved, super quiet and powerful motor, USB connection and carbon central element and carbon rims.

Gocycle G4i+ | Carbon

Delivery incl. mudguards and SuperNova front and rear light
Design by Richard Thorpe
They say you can't reinvent the wheel or improve the design of the bike. Gocycle has done both.
Ergonomic, elegant, lightweight, ingenious and a joy to use. A topic of conversation wherever you see it.


The G4i+
Richard Thorpe's objective was to build the best e-bike in the world - the brand new Gocycle G4i+! 
Perfect for commuting, running errands, or just having fun in your spare time! Owning and riding a Gocycle G4i+ is your chance to start an active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle and ditch the car more often.

There is no reason to put off buying an e-bike anymore 😉.
The latest model in the Gocycle family, the G4i+, can be folded to an extremely compact size in less than ten seconds. This makes it faster and easier to transport and store than any of its older siblings. This feature makes the G4i+ the ideal companion for urban commuters or modern campers. The foldable G4i+ benefits from ten years of experience in the development of electric bikes, which is evident in its features and innovative design.
The enclosed multi-speed chain drive keeps the oily parts away from your clothes. 
Rims and the central frame element are made of high-strength and ultra-light carbon.
At only 16.9kg, the GoCycle G4i+ is very lightweight.
The G4i's frame was designed specifically for the new model, combining the hydroformed aluminum frame with Gocycle's proven and patented magnesium Cleandrive system and PitstopWheels.
Users will appreciate the intuitive folding system, which allows for quick folding and easy maneuvering. It is the brand's first model to feature Gocycle All Weather Tyre, which offers all the dynamic characteristics of the latest performance tire with improved grip and puncture resistance.
The e-bike is equipped with torque measurement, electronic shifting and LED charging status indicator integrated into the handlebars, as well as DSLR daytime running lights. The battery is inserted into the frame of the G4i+ and can also be charged in this position. However, it is also possible to remove the battery for charging or maintenance. The G4i+ is compatible with accessories developed by Gocycle, such as mudguards, light kits and handlebar bag. The GocycleConnect app allows you to set unlimited custom riding modes and displays interesting health statistics such as the number of calories burned or maximum and average pedal power.
The App
Included with the Gocycle G4i+ is the free GocycleConnect™ app, which allows you to customize speed and power settings and provides health statistics such as calories burned, power output, trip data and more....
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