Soraa A60 Omni - Full spectrum LED - 11Watt

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11.5 Watt / 744 lumens, High CRI 90+ laser spot, dust and splash-proof (IP66) CRI 90+

ecosense RISE F080 Single Laser Spot

The RISE F080 Single is an ultra-compact LED luminaire suitable for outdoor use with a light output of up to 1140 lumens. This powerful, small luminaire is ideal for spot, accent, landscape, façade and floodlighting applications with a wide range of interchangeable lenses.
RISE F080 Highlights:

5° laser spot
Precise, narrow beam with extremely high centre beam candle power (CBCP)

MACRO interlock
Patent-pending MACRO™ Lock aiming feature that allows 180° tilt and 360° pan with a single screw.

Optional Combo Mount
Double or quadruple lumen output from a single installation point and aim multiple luminaires in different directions
Versatile and flexible with RISE F080 interchangeable lenses:
With 12 different beam profiles, a wide range of light cone angles and shapes are available. These include spot, accent, flood and elliptical options. The lenses (accessories) are field replaceable for quick and easy modification of the luminaire.
The RISE offers the unique 5° laser spot optic - this is the narrowest beam on the market. Based on this, the following light beams can be realised with the interchangeable lenses:
  • Laser Beam 5°
  • Ultra Narrow Spot 10
  • Narrow Spot 15°
  • Spot 20°
  • Flood
  • Wide Flood 60°
  • Ultra wide Flood 70°
  • Extreme wide flood& 90°
  • Narrow Elliptical 15° x 60°
  • Wide Elliptical 30° x 60
  • Narrow Elliptical 60° x 15°
  • Wide Elliptical 60° x 30°
Available housing colours (on request):
  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Bronce
Variants with CRI 80+ with 1170 lumens also available in 2200K, 2500K as well as 5000K and 6000K.
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