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The notebook reinvented

RocketBook FUSION

A notebook for everything - with app connection

Gone are the days of carrying around a notebook for every subject and worrying about having the right one with you at study time. 

With Rocketbook, you can jot down notes from every lecture on any page. Then use the symbol tagging system to put the notes in exactly the right place.
Organize your notes by subject, project, or study group.
Create shared folders where you can share notes and collaborate with classmates.
Email ideas and work products to your teachers or professors.
Archive your pages in the cloud so that even if you forget your notebook, you can always access your notes.
Maintain and edit archived records of your work.
1. Pick up a pen and draw or write away - just like on paper.
Take notes
Write a poem
Solve an equation
Draw a small work of art
... it is a notebook - your notebook

2. choose the storage location
Connect your Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive, OneNote, Slack, Box, iCloud, iMessage or email icons.
Tap Destinations, Change Destination, and sign in with your account.
Highlight the appropriate icon on the Rocketbook Note page where you want to send.

3. Scan your pages
Open the Rocketbook app on a mobile device.
Scan the pages you want to capture and file.

4. File in the cloud of choice.
Your pages reach their destination.
Share, print, archive - Everything is now possible, just like you're used to with digital documents.

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