Rookie Smart Rope - Skipping Rope

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Smart jump rope with app connection for your workout

Rookie Smart Rope

The Rookie SmartRope syncs with your smartphone.
It automatically records your workout data:

  • Jump counts
  • Calories
  • Duration
  • Goals

The Rookie Smart Rope makes jumping rope easy and more engaging than any other jump rope. 

The app connection for your workout increases your motivation and gives you a good overview of the workouts you've done. Enjoy a new and smarter fitness experience with the SmartRope app.
The high-quality workmanship, light weight and surface texture of the handles provide a good grip in the palms of your hands.
The Rookie SmartRope rope is complete, easily adjustable and fits almost anyone.
The rope itself is lightweight, durable and smooth, so you can jump with ease even fast.
One ball bearing in each handle ensures effortless, free and precise rotation of the rope with every jump.

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