Soraa Brilliant MR16 GU10 - High Lumen LED - 9Watt, 60°

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9.5 watt high lumen spot point source, bright as 80W with over 700 lumens!

Superior light quality and color reproduction combined with exceptionally low power consumption and high quality workmanship

Soraa Brilliant HL Wide Flood

MR16 GU10 (230V) -dimmable

Soraa BRILLIANT HL lamps offer a highly efficient, high-light solution that meets strict energy standards. The Soraa BRILLIANT HL lamps combine excellent color performance with first-class optics and are suitable for a wide range of applications at an affordable price.


  • Provides the perfect balance between light quality, efficiency and affordability
  • Up to 100lm higher luminous efficiency than the previous generation BRILLIANT series
  • No harmful UV or IR radiation


  • Large-scale retail
  • Restaurant and Hospitality
  • Residential buildings


  • The Soraa Brilliant HL Meets Energy Star V2 and California Title 20/24
  • Highly efficient retrofit LED lighting solution with power up to 84 lm/W
  • Excellent color rendering of CRI 90 and R9 50 for deeper reds and natural skin tones
  • Exceptional beam quality with precisely controlled distribution and perfect uniformity
  • Available in beam angles from 25 ° to 60 °
  • Rated life span (L70) of 35,000 hours, with 3 years warranty
  • Suitable for wet rooms
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