Soraa Flat Top | square light cone - for AR111 design

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Soraa Snap | Flat Top

Red shifting for large SORAA spots (4°-15° lens):


Compatible with:

  • AR111 Spot 
  • PAR30 Spot 
  • SLx30 LightEngine Spot
  • SORAA ARC Series - Models ART100, ARP100 und ARA100 Spots

SORAA Snap is a system of filters and shutters exclusively for SORAA Spots.
Spots are by definition only SORAA LEDs with a beam angle between 4° - max. 15°.
For these spots, the Snap system allows you to quickly and individually adjust the lighting to your needs without having to use different light sources!
In addition to the simple light cone widening with up to 60°, the Snap system also allows adjustments for: 

  • light cone geometry - round, elliptical, square
  • Light color
  • Color saturation
  • Glare protection

The snaps of the SORAA snap system are simply held magnetically on the LED or on the front of the lens.

Several snaps can also be combined on top of each other.
So light cone geometry, color shifting and e.g. still an anti-glare protection can be combined.
(See also our video)

SORAA Snaps are accessories for SORAA LED Spots.
Delivery WITHOUT illuminant or SORAA LED Spot.

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