Soraa HEALTHY A60 Omni - 11Watt Zero Blue

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11 Watt LED in the form of an incandescent lamp, bright as 60W without blue component!

Soraa HEALTHY A60 Omni

For E27 screw base-dimmable

The measure of all things: The sun
Our sunlight contains all light colors.
With the help of a prism, all light colors can be fanned out from the white sunlight and made visible.
This colored light band is the spectrum of visible light, each color on it is a spectral color.
These colors are evenly and seamlessly distributed across the spectrum in their visual brightness.

The color blue prevents the formation of melatonin and keeps us awake.
What is desired during the day can lead to sleep disorders later in the evening.

The SORAA Healthy therefore suppresses the blue component in the spectrum and creates a pleasant feel-good light.

In contrast to conventional light sources, the spectrum of a Soraa Healthy LED is complete with the exception of the color blue.

Soraa Healthy is the only ZERO BLUE™LED light. Natural white light WITHOUT blue color percentage. A breakthrough in LED technology that will help you find the sleep your body craves.

Standard LED lamps, on the other hand, permanently emit almost invisible, blue light. Especially in the evening, when you use light most often, this invisible blue light inhibits the production of melatonin and makes it difficult to fall asleep.

Soraa Healthy offers beautiful, soft, white light that works just as well in living rooms as in bedrooms or wellness and spa areas. Since reducing blue light in the evening is so important, you should apply Soraa Healthy in any room where you or your family usually spend the evening and night hours.

Although many LED light manufacturers claim that their LED are dimmable, not every dimming is the same. Poor quality LED lights can hum at low power or visibly flicker as soon as they are dimmed. Soraa Healthy is gently dimming and looks good at any level of performance.

The annoying hum you hear on some LED lights won't happen on Soraa Healthy. SORAA uses high quality materials and a special construction for absorption. SORAA tests at every power level to ensure that no buzz is heard even when dimmed.

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