Soraa A60 Omni - Full spectrum LED - 11Watt

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11 Watt full spectrum LED in incandescent form, as bright as 60W !

Outstanding light quality and color rendering (CRI > 95 !) combined with exceptionally low power consumption and high quality workmanship

Soraa A60 Omni

For E27 screw base - dimmable
Warm white - 2700Kelvin

The measure of all things: the sun
Our sunlight contains all colors of light.
With the help of a prism, all colors of light can be fanned out from the white sunlight and made visible.
This colored light band is the spectrum of visible light, each color on it is a spectral color.
These colors are evenly distributed across the spectrum in their visual brightness without gaps.
Unlike conventional light sources, the spectrum of a Soraa Vivid LED is without gaps. All colors of natural, visible light are included.
The basis for color diversity, high color contrast and perfect gradation of white tones.
The ability to direct and guide light is a powerful tool. 
By combining the unique GaN on GaN technology with a single point LED and Soraa's own developed optics, it is possible to create a very intense light with sharp individual shadows and homogeneous color rendering throughout the light cone.


Soraa's innovative folded optics allow for clearly focused beam angles.
Perfectly controlled beam angles from 4° up to 60° - that is Soraa Point Source Optics.

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