KfW grant: Modernize your door station and door communication systems

KfW grant: Modernize your door station and door communication systems

Modern door communication systems provide important services in both areas - burglary protection and accessibility.
The entrance to a house or apartment is a highly sensitive area.

On the one hand, it should allow easy and convenient access, but on the other hand, it should deter burglars.
Actually contradictory functions.
In addition to on-site solutions, door communication - in the truest sense of the word - plays the key role here.
Where there is still a simple bell button and nameplates that are often difficult to read, a key usually has to be dug out.

Modern and intelligent technical solutions look different.
Current electronic door openers prevent unauthorized access, e.g. by means of fingerprint scanners or contactless RFID code locks.
Even the analysis of a video image with facial recognition is state of the art today, affordable and easy to use.
In addition, there are large, intuitive buttons, optimal lighting and video technology for face-to-face communication.
Are you planning to purchase a modern door communication system?
Then ask for a subsidy from the KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) !

Requirements for such a grant:
Improvement of the burglary protection
Creation of a barrier-free access
It does not matter whether you are planning a new building or a renovation / conversion of an old building.
Not only owners of owner-occupied homes and apartments are eligible, but also tenants, provided they have obtained the landlord's consent.

Funding is available for, among other things:
Installation of video intercom systems
Lighting in the entrance area
Lighting around the house (provided it serves to protect against burglary)
Mailboxes (provided their new placement increases burglar resistance or guarantees accessibility).
For more information, please visit the KfW website:

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