Know what's going on outside your front door.... but only when it matters!

Know what's going on outside your front door.... but only when it matters!

Video surveillance in public areas is ubiquitous at important and sensitive hubs such as airports, subway stations and public squares, especially in large cities.
For some it provides security, for others it is a horror and they see their privacy violated.

The discussion becomes even more controversial and emotional when it comes to the private sphere.
Most people are very suspicious of video surveillance inside their own house or apartment.

But... there are good reasons for it.

Modern video surveillance is much more than just a permanent recording of everything that comes in front of the camera's lens.
Smart technology makes video recording intelligent and accountable.

In addition to the pure recording of image and sound, it is precisely the combination with the data from motion sensors, noise detectors as well as night vision capability that forms the basis for sensible and measured video surveillance.
In the case of DoorBird door stations, intelligent control of the sensitive areas as well as the scanning depth is also possible. For example, movements above a certain distance can also be completely ignored.

If unauthorized persons are sighted, an alarm can be triggered and video recording is started automatically.
This recording can be the key to identification by the police, e.g. after a burglary.

Modern video surveillance links a wide variety of sensors with intelligent software and also makes facial recognition possible, for example.
Data - such as a video recording - is only generated when required and can also be made available to you locally, without a connection to a data cloud.
As long as no unauthorized person appears, such a system is only a "silent observer" without any recording.

Intelligent video surveillance increases your security and comfort for you and your family.