The powerhouse in the wheel hub: The GoCycle G4drive Unit

The powerhouse in the wheel hub: The GoCycle G4drive Unit

The brand new G4drive™ drive of the GoCycle G4.

GoCycle's proprietary new G4drive drive runs smoothly, quietly and powerfully.
This ultra-compact motor delivers another 30% or so more torque than its G3 series predecessor.


Thus, the G4Drive improves acceleration and hill performance with its efficient and instantly usable torque - whenever I need it.
If the predecessor model G3 already gave us a lot of pleasure, then with the new models of the G4 series not only good model maintenance has been carried out, but the driving pleasure has again been raised to a new level.

As already known from GoCycle, the new drive sits as a wheel hub drive directly on the front wheel. The power is therefore transmitted directly and directly to the wheel. No chain and no pinion that could oppose the power development.
The own pedaling energy in turn is transferred just as directly via the maintenance-free chain drive to the rear wheel with the integrated 3-speed hub gears.
In this sense, the GoCycle becomes an "all-wheel" bicycle and thus pulls its course completely unperturbed and safely even through rough terrain.

"The ride quality is second to none and easily rivals any non-folding bike we've ridden" - writes Electric Bike Action Magazine.
We can confirm this without reservation.
Another plus point of the GoCycle and its drive is the very low center of gravity. This makes the bike unusually agile, good and safe to ride. And because the hub motor is located in the front wheel and the battery inside the monocoque frame, there is also a perfect weight distribution between front and rear.