No plug, no Bluetooth, no WiFi and yet we think it's really SMART!

No plug, no Bluetooth, no WiFi and yet we think it's really SMART!
As a passionate product developer and designer, I have always been on the lookout for interesting and innovative products. This ultimately led to the founding of our online retailer for smart technology: health, fitness and sport - until Smart Home finally became the focus.

Home sweet home... 
And so it happened that in 2019 we came across a toy manufacturer from Austria at the ISPO sports fair in Munich.
At the Scoot & Ride stand, a number of scooters and scooters for children were on display.
We were especially taken with the entry-level model for the very young!
A 2in1 toy: walker and scooter in one.
Easy to convert and adapt.

First crawl, then learn to walk
The HighwayKick 1 - that's the name of this versatile and well thought-out toy - immediately excited us. If only this toy had existed when my own four children were making the transition from crawling to walking!

The friendly contact with the founders of the company Scoot And Ride finally prompted us to take the plunge and offer this smart children's toy alongside all our technical smart home products.

In the meantime, we offer almost the entire Scoot & Ride range.

From the walker and scooter for the little ones, the Highwaykick 1, to the larger models for school children and teenagers, to the matching children's helmets and backpacks, we have it all.
A wide range of coordinated colours rounds off the range.

Children's toys are usually exposed to heavy wear and tear. It's good to know that the manufacturer takes this aspect into account by ensuring the outstanding quality of its products. But even if something should break or get lost, spare parts are usually available.
Click here for the Scoot & Ride range: Scooters - Helmets - Backpacks