What exactly is core training? Just hype or hyper good for me?

What exactly is core training? Just hype or hyper good for me?

Core" simply refers to the center of the body. Training the core therefore means any training that involves the body's core.

Core training is currently in vogue and a real hype in fitness studios.
For me personally, this alone would be a reason to stay away from it... but let's take a closer look:
The area of the body commonly referred to as the middle or core is our center. Core means all the muscles, ligaments and fascia in this area. The front with the chest and abdomen, the back and shoulders, and the flanks.

These interacting muscle areas of the Core stabilize our entire body. 

Core training therefore consists of performing specific exercises to develop and strengthen these muscles that stabilize the body. 
By the way, the Core is also already needed during running.

Even in everyday activities you can get injured - for example, the notorious accidents in the home.
Keeping the core strong and flexible can already protect you here, and core training is therefore not just for competitive athletes.
A weak core is often followed by lower back pain or even hip problems.

At ISPO 2019, my wife and I discovered the newly introduced PRAEP ProPilot Core Trainer (finalist ISPO Brandnew Award 2019).

The idea, so clever, so smart and yet so effective that we immediately decided to contact Tim Wichmann and Christian Jäger, founders of KAIKAI GmbH and inventors of this ingenious and simple training device: 
"A bicycle handlebar with a tetrahedral centerpiece made of plastic and rubber".

The real innovation and ingenuity is also here in the "Core", i.e. the middle element of the training device, which with its three differently formed side surfaces enables training at different levels. From beginner to advanced to pro.
An app is also available if you want to playfully ensure more stamina during training, but it is not mandatory.

The inventors and company founders themselves are passionate bikers, downhill, trail... and the training devices developed are absolutely inspired by this scene.  Valentina Höll, Nina Hoffmann, Rob Heran are just some of the top athletes with whom they have partnerships. 

Nevertheless, the PRAEP ProPilot as well as the brand new PRAEP Pods are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to train their core. Whether as an athlete:in or simply for personal fitness.

I myself have been playing tennis passionately for several years and core training has significantly improved my fitness and tennis game.

So now I'm even more excited to have the PRAEP ProPilot and the brand new PRAEP Pods in our range!

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