ENERGY... More important than ever: Reduce energy and electricity costs now!

ENERGY... More important than ever: Reduce energy and electricity costs now!

I still see countless incandescent lamps and halogen spotlights in many offices, doctors' offices, private apartments and houses!

Is it still the concern about the "cold light" of the so-called energy-saving lamp as in the 2000s?
Or simply convenience and ignorance?

After all, it is your money that you are literally burning. Approx. 3-5x as high electricity costs as necessary and that with a light quality, which is qualitatively inferior to sunlight.

But the old worries are unfounded - because in the meantime there are energy-saving illuminants that can produce a qualitatively much better light than halogen or incandescent lamps. And that too with different color temperatures adaptable to private living spaces or public areas and work environments.

So what's actually stopping us from making better light with less electricity?

Back in 2014, the Japanese, Professor Shuji Nakamura, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for developing an LED substrate that produces a full-spectrum light with an extremely high color rendering index and flurescence to correctly reproduce white gradations.

Or to put it more simply, he invented artificial light with the quality of sunlight!

At that time he founded the company SORAA whose LED based lamps are still unique.
As so-called retrofit illuminants, these high-quality LEDs also fit into most lamps with traditional sockets.

In addition to the high-quality full-spectrum LEDs of the SORAA VIVID series, there is also the inexpensive SORAA BRILLIANT series. This is designed for maximum energy savings and high luminous efficacy per watt. Although light quality has been slightly reduced in favor of energy efficiency, even these LEDs of the BRILLIANT series easily outperform conventional halogen spots.

SORAA Vivid 3 and SORAA Brilliant LEDs have been in use in our offices, workplaces and homes for years and we wouldn't want to be without them.

Sensational color rendering and color contrast always put a smile on our faces, as do the long service life and significantly reduced electricity costs - payback guaranteed.

So, as Captain Picard from the Enterprise said?

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