GoCycle - Park & Ride with the foldable e-bike!

GoCycle - Park & Ride with the foldable e-bike!

Just hop on - the easy folding, super light GoCycle e-bike !

The GoCycle is a foldable e-bike, weighing only 16kg and folding so small that it can easily fit even in the trunk of a sports car or convertible. With its electric drive power, the Gocycle takes you effortlessly and relaxed to the city center - to your work or shopping.

Thanks to V-Gonomic, the GoCycle is ergonomically perfect like a big bike - so don't worry, this is definitely not a "folding bike"! 

Unlike conventional e-bikes, the electric drive is separate from the mechanical chain drive. The GoCycle has an electric front wheel drive, while the fully enclosed chain drive including hub gears drives the rear wheel. This arrangement ensures optimum balance and weight distribution, low center of gravity and optimal riding characteristics. 

There are no oil-smeared trouser legs, socks or shoes! 
The entire chain drive is completely encapsulated and (largely) maintenance-free.
The wheels of the GoCycle are free, suspended in an open only one-sided (single side) Pistom fork. The two wheels are also lightweights and made as 5-spoke rims from magnesium or carbon.
Any necessary repair of a flat tire is thus a piece of cake, since the tire is freely accessible and, in the event of an incident, the casing and tube can be quickly replaced or repaired.

The electric drive is integrated into the front fork and is also maintenance-free. The lithium ion batteries are hidden and fully integrated in the curved body of the Gocycle - so the modern and fresh design of this e-bike comes uncompromisingly to bear. No wonder, because this e-bike comes from the pen of a former McLaren designer.

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