GoCycle G4 vs. TESLA Model 3 and Rolls-Royce EV conversion

GoCycle G4 vs. TESLA Model 3 and Rolls-Royce EV conversion

Move Electric has set seven - yes, exactly seven - electric lap records at the famous Brands Hatch race track to showcase the amazing variety of electric vehicles of different types.

Among them the GoCycle G4
The seven records were all set simultaneously on the 1.2-mile Indy Circuit, the former site of the British Grand Prix, with a range of electric vehicles that include just about everything that is currently road-ready

Over the decades, Brands Hatch has hosted everything from powerful Formula One cars to speedy touring cars to wild rallycross specials - but never before has a grid of such diverse vehicles taken to the track... until now. Check out this fun video to see what happened.
Move Electric set unofficial lap records for a TESLA Model 3 production electric car, a Citroen electric van, a Rolls Royce electric car conversion, an electric scooter, the GoCycle G4 e-bike, an electric scooter and an electric skateboard. However, an electric boat was not allowed to take off because Brands Hatch bosses didn't want the site to flood 😉.

To put it bluntly: These were all unofficial lap records. Official records can only be set during official timed practice sessions at racing events. And, frankly, no one has been crazy enough to even attempt one of these records....
The up-and-coming British company Gocycle provided a G4 e-bike. It was ridden by Tom Dowrick, a Gocycle engineer himself, who helped develop the bike.
The GoCycle completed the lap in 3 minutes and 19.44 seconds at an average speed of 35.406 km/h.

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