More Than Just Good Light: Full-Spectrum LEDs are an underestimated competitive advantage in retail

More Than Just Good Light: Full-Spectrum LEDs are an underestimated competitive advantage in retail

Museums, galleries, upscale hotels and restaurants have been relying on high-quality light and SORAA full-spectrum LEDs for some time now.

In the meantime, retailers are also discovering the tangible advantages of full-spectrum LEDs for their stores. In addition to significant energy savings and exceptional light quality, the full-spectrum light improves the presentation of the goods and attracts buying customers.

The newly opened socks and stockings shop of eiei 4 Retail GmbH in Heidelberg , for example, puts its colourful socks and stockings in the limelight really well!

Thanks to the excellent light quality of the SORAA full-spectrum LED, the colours of the textiles are presented in a fresh, intense and lifelike way.

That's exactly what attracts buying customers.

In addition, the Soraa Snap system offers unbeatable flexibility for precisely these light sources when it comes to the exact, accentuated and pinpoint illumination of goods. Not only can the respective beam angle of the LEDs be adjusted at any time, but also the light cone geometry, light colour and saturation as well as glare protection. Rectangular, square and elliptical light cones can also be realised in seconds with a "snap".
New season, new merchandise... no problem, always perfectly customised light in no time at all.

This is what the management says:

"I am absolutely satisfied with the light quality of the SORAA full-spectrum LEDs, and the filters allow the individual product areas to be wonderfully illuminated. I would like to equip our next store with the Soraa lamps again."

We are very pleased that we were able to make a small contribution to the success of this colorful shop with our SORAA full-spectrum LEDs and wish them much success, enthusiastic customers and good sales!


eiei 4 Einzelhandels GmbH • Römerstraße 210 • 69126 Heidelberg

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