sDock Fix Pro s31 - iPad wall mount for permanent iPad installation

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Hang your iPad on the wall!
Wall mount for iPad Mini 6, display 8.3" (2021)

The sDock Fix A8

For permanent iPad installation for iPad Mini 6, Display 8.3" (2021)
The sDock Fix always cuts a fine figure.

With an sDock Fix you turn your iPad into a control panel for your home control, lighting or entertainment system.
The sDock Fix is extremely flat with a thickness of only 12mm and thus integrates perfectly on any wall. 
No tangled cables or charging adapters disturb the appearance. 
Cables and charging adapters can be hidden behind the sDock Fix in a flush-mounted box in the wall and covered with the sDock Fix.

The sDock Fix:
Flat - puristic - clean
With the integrated plug-in lock - sLock - you can also lock the sDock Fix. 
The iPad can then no longer be removed without a key. Ideal for trade fairs, in the store and when traveling, but also at home as protection from children's hands. 

The lock only allows those to remove the iPad who should actually be allowed to do so. 
The lock is included as standard.
The sDock is quickly and easily mounted above a flush-mounted box.

On the wall: The sDock Fix
Hidden in the wall: cable connection and charger.

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