Artificial light in the quality of sunlight - SORAA full spectrum LED

Artificial light in the quality of sunlight - SORAA full spectrum LED

Nobel Prize in Physics 2014: Research in this field of violet LEDs produced solutions, for light-emitting diodes of a special kind:

SORAA full spectrum LED based on GaN on GaN technology.

Professor Shuji Nakamura is one of the founders of Soraa Inc. and was honored with the Nobel Prize for his research on blue LEDs.
With the LEDs of the so-called VIVID series, Soraa has created full-spectrum LEDs that leave conventional incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps far behind.

Spiegel Online reported...

These full-spectrum LEDs are not only particularly energy-saving - and thus pay for themselves quickly - they also produce an incomparably high-quality light that excellently reproduces colors, color gradations and color contrasts, as well as making an almost infinite number of white gradations visible.
It is precisely the blue and ultra-blue color components in the spectrum of light that are responsible for the luminosity of white.
And this is where the circle closes: 
The invention of the blue LED brought the breakthrough along with Soraa's unique GaN on GaN (gallium nitrite on gallium nitrite) technology.
However, human perception of light and color is not limited to color quality, color contrast and the variety of color nuances.
All these things also have a direct influence on our psyche and have a lasting effect.
We experience a bright and sunny illuminated scenery emotionally different than an overcast sky gray in gray environment.
With Soraa Vivid3 LEDs the sun always rises.

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